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The Wrinkled Body & Wrinkles In Fashion 

An article that sees wrinkles from different angles by using the art of wrinkles in fashion to embrace the wrinkled body.


Magazine reader 04 is the workshop’s result with MA Fashion Strategy at ArtEZ The University of the Arts gives insight into the cultural value. I collaborated with the team to elevate the way we read women magazines to the next level towards a deeper understanding of the body’s subject. This opens up the space to different dimensions of human beauty standards.


January-March 2020

Design Role

Co-editor, Researcher, Visual Creator, Storyteller


ArtEZ MA Fashion Strategy


A Magazine Reader 04


I noticed that the anti-ageing skincare advertising in a woman magazine, in this case, Elle November 2019 avoided presenting any ageing skin images on their visual pages. The absence of those skin’s wrinkle imagery inspired me to come up with how skincare brands can present the wrinkles in a more creative way. Since Wrinkles are the natural process of time in our body transformation, they should be viewed by neutral yet insightful eyes. Thus, it becomes the aim to help inspire the readers in seeing wrinkled skin in a positive outlook.


In this writing piece, I explored the theme of a wrinkled body and chose wrinkles in fashion to represent the new perspective in creative manners. While analysing and tracing the cause of the ageing fear throughout different literature reviews, I also revised a set of anti-ageing skincare advertisements for recommended version as the solution. In this way, I created engaging content that use fashion manipulation techniques to visualise the aesthetics of the body’s wrinkles


Final Thought

This edition of the collaborative magazine is available in San Sarriefe, Amsterdam, NL: Novella Gallery, New York, US: Aflatshop, Adelaide, Aus. 

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