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Fashion Care Guide App

TAKE CARE  prototype overall.jpg

01 Welcoming Screen

The goal of the welcome flow is to draw users to engage to use this app in the long term. This part is one of the most crucial screens to reflect on the app's core essentials. It is directed to trigger users motivations and how it helps them to achieve their goals to take care of the clothes to pursue a sense of "belonging".

02 Interactive Guide

No ideas, no tools, or no time to take care of the clothes? No problems. These interactive guides cover all the sustainable clothes practices; DIY, care, repair, and goodbye, provide the fast and easy to follow steps and where users can get the tools and supplies at thier fingers. The step by step instruction walks users through every step with the loop video that allows users to follow along while watching smoothly at the same time.

03 Hero Journey

Initiate the change users want to see with the right action and step. With this gamified feature, users can become a hero in real life for sustainable fashion cause by just following these simple steps:

  1. Choosing the clothes item, they want to save.

  1. Taking the challenge to learn about clothes care tutorials.

  2. Taking the quiz to receive the badges.

  3. Completing all challenges to reach a "hero' entitle at this end.

04 User Profile

In the User Profile, users can track the progress that reveals what they have been sticking to the actions that produce results that will ultimately get them closer to the desired outcome.


Nominated for the most innovative student in the Netherlands 2021 

by Innovate Community

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Let's make something great together :)

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