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Welcome !

I am Tanya, a product designer.

From physical to digital, I create beautiful and meaningful experiences that work.


Heat Resistant Cities

A digital twin of the cities that communicates with citizens about the Urban Heat Island situation in The Netherlands. 

My Role

UX, Visual, Digital, Campaign Designer

Main Goal

Create awareness and actions on night time heat stress.


Take Care

A mobile app implementing MAP Model framework for an easy, fast, cool, and fun way to learn clothes caring.

My Role

User Researcher, UX/UI , Visual Designer.

Main Goal

Learn how to design for behaviour change.

Homesick Restaurant

A workshop that develops community, authentic relationships and self-expression with story-cooking.

My Role

Lead UX Research, Co-Facilitator.

Main Goal

Facilitate a safe space workshop.

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A Magazine Reader 04

An article that sees wrinkles from different angles by using the art of wrinkles in fashion to embrace the wrinkled body.

My Role

Storyteller, Co-visual Design, Co-editor.

Main Goal

Inspire readers to see wrinkles in a positive way.

Disney x Jelly Bunny

A collection of accessories that makes the ordinary day more fun, carefree, and lively with favourite childhood memories from Disney's characters.

My Role

Product & Fashion/ Graphic Designer.

Main Goal

Deliver a collection design with Disney.



Collections of my illustration as personal projects that visualise possibilities of different visual styles and design languages.

My Role

Illustrator, Visual Designer

Main Goal

Tell stories through my interpretation and worldview.


Please feel free to connect :)